Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis

Vermont Marijuana Registry

Marijuana Registry

Marijuana Program 

Vermont Marijuana Program

Therapeutic Use Of Cannabis

Marijuana for symptom relief

Medical and Mental Health Professionals

Who is a Health Care Professional?

A health care professional is an individual licensed in Vermont to practice medicine under 26 V.S.A. chapter 23 or 33, an individual licensed as a naturopathic physician under 26 V.S.A. chapter 81, an individual certified as a physician assistant under 26 V.S.A. chapter 31, or an individual licensed as an advanced practice registered nurse under 26 V.S.A. chapter 28.

This definition includes individuals who are professionally licensed under substantially equivalent provisions in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, or New York.

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Contact Information

Vermont Marijuana Registry
45 State Drive
Waterbury,  VT  05671-1300
Tel: (802) 241-5115
Fax: (802) 241-5230
Email: DPS.MJRegistry@vermont.gov