Registered Dispensaries

The Vermont Marijuana Registry is responsible for performing on-site assessments of each dispensary and may perform assessments of a dispensary without limitation for the purpose of determining compliance. Registered dispensaries may acquire, possess, cultivate, manufacture, transport, or dispense cannabis and cannabis-infused products to registered patients and their caregivers who have designated that dispensary. A registered patient may obtain cannabis only from their designated dispensary. The Department of Public Safety has currently issued five dispensary registration certificates. An announcement will be published when applications for a dispensary certificate will be accepted for the sixth dispensary registration certificate. The announcement will include the application requirements and deadlines for acceptance. Applications for a sixth dispensary will be announced when the number of registered patients reaches 7,000. As of June 25, 2021, there were 4,767 patients enrolled with the Vermont Marijuana Registry.

Information for Registered Dispensaries:
Dispensary Information for Patients

The links below contain information to assist patients selecting a dispensary. 

CeresMED (Burlington and South Burlington)

Grassroots Vermont (Brandon)

PhytoCare Vermont (Bennington)

CeresMED South (Brattleboro and Middlebury)

Vermont Patients Alliance (Montpelier)

Information contained below pertains to individuals applying to register as a patient with the Vermont Marijuana Registry.

  • Registered patients may purchase cannabis, cannabis-infused products, seeds, and clones from his or her designated registered dispensary.
  • Registered patients who designate a dispensary may purchase cannabis products and cultivate cannabis.
  • Registered patients may only change his or her designated dispensary every 30 days. A registered patient must submit a completed Cardholder Information Notification form and a $25 processing fee when requesting to change his or her designated dispensary, except during his or her annual renewal. The VMR will issue the registered patient a new registry identification card with a new registry identification number.
  • ALL registered patients and caregivers MUST schedule appointments prior to going to their designated dispensary to obtain marijuana, this includes seed and clones.

A registered dispensary is subject to on-site assessments by the Vermont Marijuana Registry at any time, without notice. Failure to cooperate with required assessments may be grounds to revoke a dispensary registration certificate. During an assessment, if the Registry identifies a violation of the rules, the dispensary will receive written notice issued by the Registry identifying the nature of the violation(s). The dispensary is required to respond to the Registry in writing within 20 business days describing the corrective actions taken to remediate the issue, including the date associated with the corrective action. The Registry may require laboratory testing of cannabis produced by a registered dispensary and determine the appropriate testing methodology.The Department of Public Safety may suspend a dispensary’s registration certificate based on violation identified by the Registry, for violating of the rules regulating the program, or posing a threat to the health or physical safety of a person or the public. If a principal, owner, financier, or employee of a dispensary has been convicted or has a pending charge for a disqualifying offense or a criminal offense directly involving the operation of the dispensary, the Department may suspend the dispensary’s registration certificate, if the Department has substantial grounds to believe that the charge indicates that the operation of the dispensary may pose a threat to the health or safety of a person or the public. Any suspension beyond 30 days requires a hearing as provided by 3 V.S.A. Chapter 25. Grounds for revocation of a dispensary’s registration certificate include the following:

  • Failure to cooperate with required inspections;
  • Violations of any of these rules governing the operation of a registered dispensary;
  • Committing, permitting, aiding or abetting any illegal practices in the operation of the registered dispensary;
  • Conduct or practices that are detrimental to the safety and welfare of registered patients or caregivers;
  • Providing information that is materially inaccurate or incomplete;Acquiring, possessing, cultivating, manufacturing, transferring, transporting, supplying, selling, or dispensing marijuana for any purpose except as permitted by these rules;
  • Acquiring usable cannabis or cannabis plants from a source not permitted by these rules;
  • Dispensing more than two ounces of usable cannabis to a registered patient or caregiver during a 30-day period;
  • Dispensing an amount of usable cannabis to a registered patient or caregiver that the registered dispensary cardholder knows would cause the recipient to possess more cannabis than permitted under these rules;
  • Dispensing cannabis to a person other than a registered patient or caregiver who has designated the dispensary.
The Vermont Marijuana Registry provides the public with the option to file a complaint against any licensed dispensary in Vermont. All complaints will be investigated by the Registry.  
Click here to file a complaint regarding a dispensary.

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