Cannabis Review Board

The Cannabis Review Board is comprised of three Health Care Professionals.

The Board meets to review appeals, studies, data, and any other information relevant to the use of cannabis for symptom relief. The Board may also make recommendations to the Legislature for adjustments and changes to the Marijuana Registry and the laws governing the program.

Patient applications denied by the Marijuana Registry may be appealed to the Board within seven days by the patient. The appeal is limited to information submitted by the patient and consultation with the patient's treating health care professional. All records relating to the appeal are confidential. An appeal is decided by majority vote of the members of the Board. 

Next meeting September 24, 2021 at 1:30pm.

Minutes and agendas for the Review Board may be found here. 

Contact Information

Vermont Marijuana Registry
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Waterbury,  VT  05671-1300
Tel: (802) 241-5115
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